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CabCo Classic

All-Star Game

Sunday,March 26th



Hello! If you are on this page then it is likely that your athlete has been selected to participate in our Skills + Play program. With that being said, once you have received your official invitation you will have 72 hours to accept your spot and register in the program.


To do so, you need to subscribe to elite team membership below:

Pricing Breakdown:

  • Fall Skills Membership: 1 Payment of $99.99

  • Winter Skills Membership: 1 Payment of $99.99

  • Spring/Summer Skills Membership: 4 Payments of $60.00

* By subscribing, you understand and agree to pay the tuition for the Entire Season -  By participating in the program said player/parent is responsible to pay all club dues. There will be no refunds or stop payments once the spot is accepted. * If payment does not process - there will be a $25.00 late fee applied to the player's tuition

Membership Period(s) Explained: 

Fall Season Skills Membership

Skills Membership (Workouts ONLY): 1 Payment of $99.99

($100 Total Investment)

8+ Skills Workouts

Duration:August- Early November

Winter Season Skills Membership

Skills Membership (Workouts ONLY): 1 Payment of $99.99

($100 Total Investment)

8+ Skills Workouts 

Duration: Mid November- Mid February 

Spring/Summer Skills + Play Membership

Skills Membership (Workouts ONLY): 4 Payments of $60.00

($240 Total Investment)

1 workout weekly + Tournament Play (Excluding Holidays)

Duration: March- June 

Fundraising Options 

Click the PDF button(s) below to open the Fundraising Documents (Optional)

1."Free-Throw-athon" Fundraising Document

Goal: Club members will shoot 100 free throws.  The goal is to get family members and/or friends to pledge a certain donation amount for each free throw that you make. (Ex: Bob Shoots 100 free throws and makes 70 of them, Aunt Cindy pledged to donate $1 for each made free throw -  Aunt Cindy would donate $70.00 to Bob.

2. 20 for 20 Fundraising Document

Goal: Get 20 or more people to donate $20 for your upcoming season to help offset membership fees

Spring 2022 Skills Membership :  

Enroll Below: Workouts Only

Payments will be securely auto-drafted monthly via PayPal.

( 4 Payments total for the Spring/Summer Season)

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