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Carolina Hoopfest Drill Book

Ball Handling: 

Cone Ball Handling - cross/between/behind etc.

Stationary Ball Handling - 

crossovers (tight/wide) 

one hand crossoverrs 

figure eight 

cross/between combo 

cross/between//behind combo 

2 Ball Series: together/alternating

2 ball on the move: together/alternating 

Full Court Drills:

3 man weave 

3 on 2 - 2 on 1 

Partner shadow drill - shadow zig zag / live at half ct 

Partner passing - 3 man fast break - to 2 on 1 

3 on 3/ 4 on 4/ continuous 

2 on 1 fast break (pressure drill)

Full Court  Warm Ups: 

3 man weave 

3 on 2 - 2 on 1 

Partner shadow drill - shadow zig zag / live at half ct 

Partner passing - 3 man fast break - to 2 on 1 

IQ Building:

5 out (pass, cut, fill) 

4 out - 1 in (high post) 

3 on 3 shell / 3 on 3 no dribble 

High Low

Offensive flow series: 

l cut / v cut/ follow pass to screen 

Pick and Roll Series: 

Use screen, get to the rim 

Use screen, hit roller 

Use screen, pull up jumper 

Use screen, pick and pop to big


In the paint defensive slide - 45 sec sets 

"Around the box footwork drill 

3 on 3 shell 

4 on 4 fastbreak - ball hits baseline-  defender touches line.

3 spot defensive series  - close out/back peddle 3 spots 

3-4 cone relay/d slide compeition


1 on 1 hustle drill 

Around the chair hustle  (1 on 1 / 2 on 2 etc) 

3 man power drill (21 style) first to make 3 

around the 3 point line box out 

1 on 1 in circle / toughness drill 

1 on 1 / KOC 


backboard touches 

Full ct. layups 

3 man weave with goal number 

3 man fast break with goal number 

Conditioning with time challenge 


ladders - 6,4,2 etc.

Wall sits 

D slides 

Around the box 

line jumps 

board touches/ full ct 


Offensive sets / based on defense type

press break 

out of bounds 



Defensive Sets: 

Press, 2-3, 1-3-1 etc. (Varies by group) 

Skill work/Individual Work 

Euro step 

jab attack

shot fake jab 

catch to rip 

pass to ball screen to roll 

off the screen (catch and shoot) 

Drive and kick series 

Repetition Work

Team Shooting Groups 

Around the world competition 1-2 makes per spot 

Rainbow Shooting (10-15 makes per spot)

Stations: Skill Work Session

Ball handling 

Relay Shooting groups 

Pick and Roll Series 

Partner Passing 

ladder work / speed and agility

Dribble Relay

Stations: Games Session: 

2 on 2 

3 on 3 

Half Ct. No Dribble 

Knock Out 

King of the court  

1 on 1 hustle drill 

Shooting Relay (adjust Spots) 

Littles/Station Ideas: 


Red light green light 


sharks and minnows

sideline basketball 


Simon Says 

Dribble Knockout 

Skills Academy Template

0-5 intro/warm up


group stretch 

5-10 layups 

10-20 ladder work 

1 feet/2 foot/dribble in spot etc 

20-30 ball handling

crossover / speed dribble / 1 hand crossover/ etc  

Water break 

25-30 shooting/form shooting/ group shooting relay 

30-50 scrimmage / 2 on 2/ 3 on 3  

50-60 group competition/game : knockout, king of the court, sideline basketball etc

team building (how many layups in 1 minute)'



Basketball Drills / Skills Academy: 

Ball Handling

Cone Ball Handling 

Around the cone series 

straight line cone handles: crossover, double cross, around 

Offensive Moves : 

Jab series: jab attack/ jab shotfake/Spin Move

Pass to curl series - pass to jump, pass to backdoor, pass to screen 

Offensive IQ: 

Pass Cut

Pass Screen

Pass fill 

Fun Group Games: 

Knock Out 

Sideline Basketball / Numbers 

Dribble Relay 

Group Shooting Relay 

Team Building:

Speed Layups 

"Around the box"

Shooting Drills: 

Form shooting 

1 move to jumpers 

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