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Carolina Hoopfest Basketball is excited to offer our first annual Summer Camp Pass! Get this limited time pass for huge savings on 2023 Hoopfest Basketball Camps! The Hoopfest Summer Camp Pass is non-refundable and can only be applied towards the 2023 Spring Break + 2023 Hoopfest Summer Camps. HOOPFEST CAMP PASSES ARE AVAILABLE IN JANUARY ONLY

Things to Know:

1. Limited Hoopfest Camp Passes are available. 

2. Hoopfest Camp Passes are available in January ONLY - register early, SAVE BIG! 

2. Get the pass, and you could save up to $300+ dollars.

3. The Hoopfest Camp Pass is ONLY $500 for access to 10+ select Hoopfest camps.


4.The normal camp rate is $80-100+ per camp so we are passing the HUGE SAVINGS to you! 

5. Hoopfest Camp Passes are non-refundable and can only be applied towards 2023 Carolina Hoopfest Spring Break Camp + Summer Camps. Dates are subject to change based on facility availability, holidays, etc.

6. By Purchasing a Hoopfest Camp Pass, you are agreeing to the terms listed above.

Hoopfest Summer Camp Pass - Purchase Below: 

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